Best Vegetarian Restaurants Orlando with top notch catering services

Best Vegetarian Restaurants Orlando with top notch catering services

Choosing from the numerous restaurants in Orlando can be a difficult task especially when it comes down to best vegetarian restaurant in Orlando. The city has become one of the world’s culinary capitals as a result of a restaurant revival over the last decade. There are countless restaurants to try, from freshly opened restaurants at theme parks to secret classics in the city’s quaint neighborhoods. The good news is that we’ve narrowed down the ever-expanding list of restaurants to just the best.

Almost everyone’s idea of Indian food is limited to northern Indian restaurant fare: gravies, butter chicken, samosas, and korma—not that we wouldn’t eat all of it. However, to fully appreciate the Southern Spice, you can need to reconsider your perceptions of Indian cuisine. It’s a worthwhile improvement.

Madras Cafe is amongst the best vegetarian restaurants Orlando located in Florida. This company provides delectable and savory specialties for weddings and other occasions. This caterer, which specializes in Southern-style feasts and Chinese favorites, creates custom menus focused on budget and taste. They have the highest level of service, paying close attention to every detail and delivering culinary quality and professionalism. Savor the best of land at this unique Orlando diner. This place has it all, elegance and spectacular views, unique, delicious dishes and an attentive, educated staff. 

The restaurant’s Indian lunch buffet and menu features dishes from the states of Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Kerala, which border the country’s southern and eastern edges. This is where you’ll find a variety of dough-based delicacies like dosa, grilled uttapam, pan-fried parrota, and steamed rice idlis, as well as the magic of biryani and seafood curries, hot spices, and tamarind. In short they serve a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, ranging from plain to elegant keeping up to the vast assemblage of culinary influences and traditions from across the Asian continent dishes and flavors to choose from.

They have a wide range of food that is always flawless in every way. It’s your party, so don’t skimp on the details. We take pride in providing courteous, frank, and dependable service. We have menus to suit a range of themes and budgets, whether you’re hosting an Anniversary Party, a Rehearsal Dinner, a Wedding Reception, or a Holiday Gathering. 

Services at Madras Cafe

CATERING: We also cater workplace lunches, birthday parties, fundraisers, corporate meetings, and other social gatherings. From a casual office lunch to a large wedding,  we can cater  for all of your special occasions.

Corporate Catering: We deliver a wide range of corporate catering choices, designed especially for busy professionals, to meet every company’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner needs. We meet all of our customers, no matter how large or small their company is. We are aware of the high quality and diversity of market requirements. With our corporate catering menus, you can choose from a variety of choices to meet your needs.

PRIVATE EVENTS: For your next gathering, whether it’s an office party, a birthday, a bridal shower, a baby shower, or a wedding/reception, our team of specialized chef’s with years of experience, imaginative vision, and flawless organization can make your event a hit.

DIGITAL GIFT CARDS: You or your recipient will receive an email with a unique code after buying a digital gift card from us. To redeem, show us your printed or mobile code after you’ve finished eating. The best thing is that they never expire! 

Why choose us for your catering needs?

  • Fresh Dishes: Hand-picked fresh vegetables and flavorful aromatic spices are transformed into any exotic dish from a pantry.
  • Various Menus: Our menu features dishes from all over India, including Indo-Chinese fusions and an epic chaat corner. Even in Jain and Vegan choices, there is a dearth of authenticity.
  • Events / Catering: Live dosa stations, chaat stations, and a variety of other choices can add spice to your events and parties, big or small.
  • Fast Service: Leaving you with a fine dining experience at a fast-food pace. Furthermore, we’ll deliver this experience right to your door. Check here!
  • Our team maintains a high standard of professionalism. They go above and beyond to meet and exceed your expectations from beginning to end. 

Benefits of giving us your event catering

  • We strive for 100% customer satisfaction with every event we handle and we appreciate the opportunity to cook for you and your guests
  • You can rest assured that the meals you receive as part of our service will be balanced and healthful. Fresh, tasty, and nutrient-dense ingredients are always used in our kitchen’s meals. All of our selections are produced with natural, healthful ingredients. We try hard to create flavors that are both robust and familiar
  • You’ll be able to serve all of your guests in a convenient and safe manner.
  • You’ll witness specialists at work as they create alternate food options that are both visually appealing and appetizing.
  • You’ll be able to build a professional relationship with a company that you’ll be happy to refer to relatives and friends.
  • If you are dissatisfied with anything we have provided, please let us know so that we can better serve you in the future 

Our team believes that the simplest approach to have a stress-free celebration is to find a caterer who listens to and follows your preferences. Ensuring that everyone in attendance will enjoy delicious cuisine and will leave your event satisfied and delighted.  

Frequently asked questions 

What safeguards is the restaurant taking to ensure the safety of its employees and customers during this pandemic?

We are following all of the CDC’s recommendations. Everyone in the Dining Hall and the Back of the House, including the managers, wears a face mask while at work. We all wash our hands frequently and have hand sanitizer easily available throughout the building in a variety of locations so that we can continue to sanitize our hands. Throughout the day, we cleanse the door handles, door knobs, cash register, and POS screens. To keep our visitors and staff safe, we sanitize and bleach our floors, tables, chairs, all guest service areas, and kitchen areas throughout the day. Before each employee begins work, we measure their surface body temperature. Online ordering, contactless curbside pickup, and delivery are all available. Indoor tables are kept at a 6 foot distance from each other. Third-party delivery drivers are encouraged to wait in a separate area away from the Dining Hall. 

Are you willing to work with my budget?

Once you’ve decided on a budget, make sure to get a quote from us to work on it. Our dedicated team is trained to minimize overpaying at your event, sticking as close to the budget as feasible. We also have a variety of packages and options to better meet the demands of all our consumers and fit in their pocket.  

Do You Offer Tastings

Yes as a reputed firm we provide sampling to help our customers assess if the meal type and flavor are right for them. Our team understands that a taste is a crucial component of hiring a catering service since it guarantees that you will get the food you want for your event.  

Is it possible to customize the menu?

Yes, at Madras  cafe  we accept personalized menus. However, we request all our customers to provide us with the customized menu well before time especially if their event necessitates special meals or snacks for the attendees to ensure smooth execution of even the minute details. 

Can I Cancel?

If your event is cancelled or you change your mind about hiring a caterer, please contact us as soon as possible to learn more about the cancellation process

What are some popular dishes at the Madras cafe right now?

The restaurant is well known for its Indian lunch buffet all around Orlando, some of the following dishes from their exquisite menu can be tagged as the best sellers: 

  • Weekend special Thali proved at $14 
  • Dosa, chaat and indo Chinese dishes are favorites among the regulars 

However one major attraction for the newbies as well regulars is their Bahubali Thali. The thali is a mixture of exquisite dishes made with a perfect blend of indian and southern spices, the contents of the Thali are as follows: 

  • Samosa, idly, cutlet, vada, sambar, rasam, chana masala. Poriyal, 2 types of chef special curry, yogurt, pickles, coconut chutney, tomato chutney, mint chutney, two types of chef special desserts. Dosa & poori & tea. All of the mentioned delicacies are given at a reasonable price of $25. 

What are some healthiest dishes at the Madras right now?

Idlis: steamed rice cakes

Many South Indian families eat idlis for breakfast because they are soft, fluffy, and ivory-colored. The resulting spherical rice cakes are eaten with sambar and chutneys after a fermented lentil-and-rice batter is steamed in small circular moulds. Idlis are a light and mild snack that are perfect for when your stomach needs a break from spicy flavors.


A griddle is splattered with a batter of fermented rice and lentils. The toppings are then sprinkled on, including chopped tomato, onion, chilies, carrot, coconut, and other ingredients. The result is a fluffy, porous, delicious uttapam that is softer than a dosa and goes well with or without chutneys.

Aloo Gobi 

 On any given weekday in a typical North Indian household, this is the most cooked dish. This main course includes cauliflower, potatoes, garam masala, turmeric powder, and other spices to taste! It tastes best with roti or rice, depending on your preference! It’s usually served dry, but it’s also good in a curry.


A dosa is a popular breakfast dish made of fermented rice and lentil batter that resembles a crispy thin crepe. Sambar (a spicy lentil soup) and coconut chutney are served alongside. Simple dosas are hollow; rava dosas are made from semolina; and some new-age versions get imaginative with fillings such as cottage cheese or mixed vegetables. Whatever you choose, the delectably light dish is best served sweet, right off the griddle.